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Remote Access with Obico

(Formerly The Spaghetti Detective)

Access via Obico only enables the webcam stream when printing, and only updates the webcam snapshot once every 10 seconds.

Obico is the simplest free method to set up remote access. It does not require any configuration — simply link your printer with Obico, and then connect Obico to Polymer.

Follow Obico’s getting started instructions.

Connect Obico with Polymer

  1. In Polymer, navigate to ‘Settings’ → ‘Printers
  2. Tap the add (+) button
  3. Tap the ‘Cloud Services’ button
  4. Tap ‘Obico’ (or ‘The Spaghetti Detective’, on older versions)
  5. On the website that pops up, tap the ‘Sign In’ button
  6. Enter your username and password, and tap ‘Sign In
  7. Select the printer you want to connect from the drop-down
  8. Tap ‘Authorize

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