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How to Set Up OctoPrint Remote Access for Polymer

There are many methods setting up remote access to OctoPrint. The four most common are compared below. Click on a method to see setup instructions.

Method Advantages Disadvantages
OctoEverywhere Simplest method Requires paid subscription
Obico Simplest method
Webcam only available while printing
Webcam limited to 1 snapshot per 10 seconds
Limited to 500MB of bandwidth per month
PiVPN Fairly simple
Requires installing separate VPN app
All device traffic is tunneled through the VPN
Requires port-forwarding capability
Ngrok Tunnel Fairly simple
Free ngrok account changes subdomain every restart and is limited to 1 printer
Reverse Proxy Free Complex method
Requires port-forwarding capability

Note: Polymer is not compatible with remote access services that do not provide full OctoPrint access (such as AstroPrint).

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