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Remote Access with Ngrok Tunnel

Note: With a free ngrok account, you will have to change the connection's address to the new tunnel's address every time you restart OctoPrint.
  1. Install the Ngrok Tunnel plugin and restart OctoPrint
  2. Click the wrench icon () in the top-right corner to open OctoPrint settings
  3. Navigate to the ‘API’ section, under the ‘Features’ heading
  4. Enable the ‘Allow Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)’ option

  5. Restart OctoPrint again
  6. Sign up for an ngrok account
  7. On the ngrok dashboard, select the ‘Your Authtoken’ option from the side menu (in the ‘Getting Started’ section)
  8. Copy the authtoken to your clipboard
  9. In OctoPrint, click the ‘Tunnel settings…’ option in the Ngrok Tunnel menu ()

  10. Paste the ngrok authtoken into the ‘Auth Token’ field. Set a username and password, and remember them for later.

  11. Scroll down and set the ‘Region’ option to the location closest to you.

  12. In Polymer, navigate to ‘Settings’ → ‘Printers
  13. Tap the add (+) button
  14. Tap the ‘Manual Setup’ button
  15. Enter the ngrok tunnel URL into the address field (the tunnel can be found under the icon). Make sure that the address starts with https://, not http://.

  16. Enter the username and password that you entered before

  17. Tap ‘Continue
  18. Authenticate as per usual

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