Polymer Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2022-01-18
Changelog: Added notification server and website analytics policies.


The Polymer app collects no data without your consent, and then tries to collect as little data as practically possible. I don't want your personal information.

This website uses Plausible Analytics, a privacy-friendly analytics service that collects anonymous visitor metrics without using cookies or other tracking technologies.

If you use the Polymer push notification service with snapshots enabled, snapshots are temporarily stored on a Polymer server so they can be delivered to your device(s). They are deleted immediately once delivered.

The Polymer push notification stores server logs that may contain your IP address. These logs are only used for maintenance and anti-abuse purposes.

Data Polymer Collects

Push Notifications

Marketing and Documentation Websites

This website (polymer3d.app) and the Polymer Help website (help.polymer3d.app) do not use cookies. The following services are used on these websites:

Feedback Website

The Polymer feedback website (feedback.polymer3d.app) is operated by Fider. Please refer to their privacy policy.


Versions of Polymer accessed through the beta program may contain additional instrumentation necessary for debugging. For more information on how TestFlight data is handled by Apple in the beta program, see here and Apple's privacy policy.

Support Email Diagnostics

When you send a support email, you can optionally attach a diagnostics file that contains information helpful in identifying your issues with the app. Diagnostics files contain basic device information, and the app's logs. App logs might contain the addresses of your OctoPrint servers, but do not contain any secret keys or authentication credentials.